An innovative product that eliminates
dropped, lost, or misplaced picks.
Perfect for performing musicians,
recording artists, or casual playing.


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Product Review in Slug Magazine -
"I love the look and the functionality!  People who see it in action want to know, 'What is THAT?!'
If you hate dropping picks, you WILL want one!
If you love cool looking guitar accessories, these are very cool!
A simple idea that simply ROCKS!

How can a simple guitar pick make you stand out?  Put this on and go to the music store... people will want to know!"
 - Jess L.


“My wristpick is awesome. Looks good, feels good. And when I need to make an adjustment, flip a switch, whatever, I don’t have to put it down and pick it up; I just let it fall and it’s out of the way. That alone makes it worth far more than it costs.”
 - Ron K.


"Wrist Picks are an awesome invention. There is no better way to rapidly switch between picking and fingerpicking! I recommend Wrist Picks for ANY serious guitar player."
 - Ken


"Within a minute of playing with an amazingly innovative WRIST PICK, it not only felt comfortable and completely natural, but I was able to flawlessly recover a dropped pick without missing a note. It's a real game changer... if you play with a pick... you need a WRIST PICK.".
 - Paul from THE HUMAN WIC 


"It really works great! Wrist Picks are a brilliant idea. It works amazing when I transition during songs from finger picking to strumming. Instead of having to grab the pick from my mouth during play, it's now right there already in my hand. Saves tons of time!"
 - Josh Lewis

"Why do I love it? It's there whenever I need it. I can drop it and it's there whenever I need it.
Well, It's just the best invention to come along for the guitar in the last 20 years that I think is really worthwhile."
 - Dusty from The Book


"I don't have to put picks on my stand or on my guitar or anything like that. If I drop it I can just flip it around and pick it back up."
 - Shane from The Book


“I constantly switch from using my fingers and needing a pick, with Wrist Picks I don't have to look on stage for a stash of picks."
 - Steve Young - Guitarist/Bassist


“When the only pick you can find is either strapped around the neck of your guitar or attached to your wrist, you don't really need to play with any others."
 - Ben T.


“I love the Wrist Pick so much, I have purchased for others!"
 - Joe Nunamaker


“I love my wrist pick! When I play guitar either in a band or for fun I often find myself playing songs that have finger picking parts mixed into complex strum patterns. My wrist pick makes the transition from picking to strumming a simple flick of the wrist. I also love my wrist pick for bass- I can go from slap to pick without having to deal with slobber or dropping my pick. Wrist Picks truly rock!"
 - Daniel Giddings - Guitarist/Bassist

Wrist Picks are an incredible idea and an amazing product. Our students love them! I wear mine around the studio all day. I love knowing that my pick is right at my fingertips. I do the same when I am at a gig. That way I am never scrambling to find a pick. I also play a ton of fingerstye mixed in with my flatpicking technique. My Wrist Pick allows me to instantaneously switch between the two.
Awesome product guys!"
 - Scott Graves
Founder and School Director 
On Track Music Guitar School


I have used my Wrist Picks consistently for 2 years now and they're fantastic!  They have NEVER let me down!  They deliver every time for guitar AND bass, which means a lot when you have to play straight chords for an up-tempo 12-minute song!  

Going back and forth between fingerpicking and flatpicking has never been easier thanks to this innovation from the man himself!  Ingenious!"
 - Jody W.


“I started playing Guitar only recently, and the wrist pick has been a lot of help. I watch my friends in my class drop their picks into their guitars, and have to turn their guitars upside down to get it out. When I drop my pick, I can easily just swing it back into my hand and continue with my song. I love it!"
 - Lyndsie Oreno


“I love your product. With the right pick, it looks like jewelry and it's always right there when I need it."
 - Gary Jennings


“I love that if I drop my pick it isn't lost. I plan on making an order before Christmas. I have several musician friends who will love this too. "
 - Allana Herrelson


"With everything else going on during a show its nice to have one less thing to worry about."
 - Mat from Hour 13


"I use to go through picks constantly when playing on stage. Not because I was throwing them out to our loving crowd unfortunately. My sausage fingers simply can't hold them and they tend to get lost on the black stage. Fortunately now I have a custom wrist pick. Those days of scrambling for a new pick mid song are over. I feel naked without em. Try it and see for yourself!"
 - Nick from Hour 13


"Playing bass, I rarely ever used a pick. One of the main issues I found was that the pressure required with a pick to get the sound I wanted, often sent the pick flying across the room. Wrist Picks solved that problem and then some, the variety picks offered has me experimenting with new sounds."
 - Dustin R.